Doctrinal Development in House Church Networks

The global house church movement takes doctrinal integrity very seriously. Knowing about the truth rationally (theology) is an important element in “loving God” – with all our mind (Mt. 22:37-39). But it has to be differentiated from knowing the embodied Truth personally revealed in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, which involves “loving God” with all our being.

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Lydia with other believers at her home

Understanding House Churching

Many are confused as to what “house churches” (HC) actually mean. This is understandable for the phrase is used in different ways by different people (including HC practitioners). May I try to clarify the five differing definitions of HC commonly used today.

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a women's discipleship group meeting, Metro Manila

Simple Methodology: Disciple Multiplication (DM) (Part 3 of a Series)

What then is the methodology of IM to expand the kingdom to the whole world? Like what Jesus did in equipping and sending each of his disciples out into their world (Mk. 3:13-15), “disciple multiplication” (DM) is the OCN’s simple method to “disciple all nations.” Every believer (oikos, tribe and nation) can be mobilized and equipped to multiply disciples where they live and work!

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dramatization of Jesus and His disciples

Simple Outcome and Strategy for Kingdomization: Cellular Networks and Insider Movements (Part 2 of a Series)

What then outcome will have been established when God’s kingdom is realized on any segment of the world? As the “Second Adam,” Jesus modelled what a perfect person could be and what vocation a godly/righteous human being should do for the kingdom (Ac.10:36-38). Thus, to expand the kingdom, he trained his disciples to transform the villages of Galilee by simply going two by two without bringing outside resources into the community (Lk.10:4a)…

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'Jeroboam Sacrificing to His Idol,' oil on canvas by Claes Corneliszoon Moeya, 1641

The Top 10 Idols of Christendom that Keep God’s Glory Away, Part 1

God wants to be both God and King. But as long as people are giving lip‐service to God, singing, praying, declaring and calling him “Lord, Lord,” while not doing what he says (Mt 7), he is not their king at all. What we have bound our hearts to, what dictates us, what we reflexively and unquestionably obey, what rules our lives, what has enslaved and mastered us, that is our true king and God.

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Mark in a houses church meeting he pioneered

Simple Church, Relax!

Welcome sa mundo ng simple house church. Ang focus ng house church ay small groups lamang. Marami na ang anim (6) na katao sa isang house church. Ibang-iba ito sa nakagawian natin na traditional church na nagtitipon sa Sunday.

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