If you talk with many of our Stargrass associates they’ll let you know about a common experience. We came to a point where we were not satisfied with the status quo of organized religion, a point where we longed for more authentic expressions of body life and deeper relationships, and sensed that perhaps there is more to church than what we were experiencing in our traditional institutions. It may sound strange but many of us felt alone in this journey until we got connected somehow with people on a similar pilgrimage through, of all places, the Internet roadway. We’re sharing some of these people, their stories, conversations and helpful resources below:

David Lim’s blog — Dr. David Lim’s personal blog contextualizes many of the house church principles
for Asia and the Philippines

Life in the House: Self-Multiplying Micro Churches — a blog of Willie and Mercy Fulgencio about house church multiplication and intentional disciple, their journey into house church, and their present ministry in the Dinagat Islands.

Cole-Slaw — personal blog of Neil Cole, the author of Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens

Beyond Evangelical — the personal blog of author Frank Viola takes us to a deeper journey beyond church

Simply Church: A House Church Perspective — an insider look at the simple/organic church movement; a blog of Tony and Felicity Dale

House2House — also started by the Dales. House2House is intended to equip those seeking
a simple/more organic form of church

Searching Together — a blog from Jon Zens

The Blog of Milt Rodriguez — Christ and His Church

House Church Resource is a service for the explosive house church, simple church, organic church,
and missional church movements throughout the world

LK10 — connecting and equipping house church leaders around the world

Lifestream — living outside the box of organized religion and learning to live relationally with other believers instead from Wayne Jacobsen. Get free resources from Wayne here.

Simple Church Journal — Roger Thorman on reproducing disciples & simple churches. Thorman believes that every believer is a potential disciple-maker and, thus ultimately, a church planter.

The Radical Resurgence — dedicated to the radical wing of the Reformation, which is experiencing a resurgence in our time. Articles written by those who resonate with the resurgence, present and past, will be featured.