Stargrass Coalition is not the only group espousing and doing house, simple or organic churches in the Philippines. We are sure that there are many other individuals or groups who are house church practitioners and we seek to know and be one with them. There are also other organizations or groups that are focused on related issues such as community transformation, equipping Filipino overseas workers and world missions that our Stargrass associates are currently working with. Finally there are many more networks and groups globally that are also focused on making disciples that result in multiplying house or simple churches. Some of these entities are listed as follows:

Agape Campus Ministries is a non-religious affiliated ministry to students, professionals and communities and is currently involved in building Kingdom Movements in several cities in the Visayas and in Mindanao. They reach out and disciple students and professionals using organic church as their primary means of ministry expression.

Creative Community Foundation Incorporated (CCFI) seeks to reach needy communities through holistic ministry as an expression of God’s love, grace and redemption that they may become self-sustaining, dynamic and vibrant under God’s sovereignty.

Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies (ASDECS) seeks to equip workers and leaders of faith-based communities and civil society organizations on fundamental competencies essential in facilitating transformation in their target communities in the Philippines and the rest of Asia. (Connect with them via Facebook here.)

Manila Underground is a new kind of church made up not just of individuals but communities of individuals interconnected or networked with each other like an underground subway system. It is an attempt to establish a church that will love the weakest, serve the poorest, and do ministry at the margins of our city and throughout the world.

Kairos Asia Association for Cross-Cultural Training is a training organization to equip workers for the expansion of God’s Kingdom by pioneering communities of Jesus followers were the gospel was not yet known in the Philippines and beyond. We work in partnership with mission organizations and churches in training and equipping, sending and supervising missionaries in helping communities to be transform by the gospel of the kingdom.

Micah Challenge is a global advocacy campaign to mobilize Christians against poverty. It is a response to God’s call as voiced by the prophet Micah: “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8) Visit Micah Challenge Philippines’ Facebook page here.

FDN Farm conducts training in and facilitates Diversified, Integrated, Organic and Sustainable (DIOS) farming. It advocates the practice of organic agriculture in order to provide safe and nutritious food for communities, seeks to develop organic agriculture skills and creates and promotes community enterprise.

Asian Solidarity Economy Council Inc.

Peace Assemblies Network (PAN) is a network of Christian individuals, churches, alternative/intentional communities, and other faith-based groups who are passionately embodying a culture of peace (Shalom/Salaam/Kapayapaan) in their faith communities and actively working for peace towards a transformed society. We are part of a diverse global movement of Anabaptist-influenced churches who choose to hold their denominational identity and participate in the global movement of peace churches.

Life Care Center (Bulacan) is a compassion ministry of North Hills Vineyard, Philippines, extending practical and spiritual assistance to those in need. Our vision is to see needy communities transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

PeaceChurch Philippines is church planting ministry based on Anabaptist Peace Theology, contextualized according to the socio-political environment of the Philippines. It is a partnership between the Integrated Mennonite Church of the Philippines and Mennonite Church of Canada. PeaceChurch seeks to build communities committed to following Jesus and bringing His peace to all areas of creation.

LAMP Foundation International